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Records from two seemingly unrelated battles

Micro-essays are written on a typical artifact of women’s work – a kitchen towel, whose geometric grid holds, in black marker, text written between 24 February and 6 March 2022, and embroideries of three animals recently extinct due to climate change: The white ringtail possum couldn’t survive for more than 5 hours in temperatures above 30° in the disappearing habitat of Australia’s cooler forests; and the Bramble Cay Melomys – a rat, couldn’t adapt to the 10 cm rise in sea level of the Great Barrier Reef measured between 1993 and 2010, nor to the frequent cyclones leading to repeated flooding of the Bramble Cay coral reef. The life of the Costa Rican Golden toad depended on the levels of small reservoirs. If there was too much water its eggs floated away; if there was too little water, the eggs dried up.

The War Journal on 14 Kitchen towels
black textile marker, embroidery, 70x50cm

Photo credit: Beata Babiaková
Photo report on Artalk.cz