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Notes to the first year of our existence

Collaborative diary entries
21.12.2019 – 20.6.2020
Pen, pencil, millimeter paper, acryl pencil
Leporello notebook, 68 pages

Eva began logging her thoughts in this way at the end of 2019, until she handed the diary over to Selina Lampe six months later, who then continued on the opposite page. The experiences of the two are recorded in detail. In their manual execution they act as an antithesis to the digital flood of information, which in its immateriality always remains unmanageable. Notes from the first year of our existence shows a long series of work done, of learning and trying new things over the course of one and a half years; making them tangible and visible with an immediate transparency and honesty.

— Curatorial collective Cake & Cash

Credits cover: Selina Lampe
Credits: Jáno Möckel