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Soft realisation of six essential rules

Thread and acryl on baby mattress, mask, textile, folie, paper, pins
96 x 60 x 5cm

The mattress follows the work Table of contents from 2018: an office desk cut into noodles as wide as cashier receipt. The noodles divided into fields, representing the days from the diary project New mind mapping forms from the period of the last semester of my studies at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. Questions placed on this desk are referring to diary notes and they are framed by new color code.

Wilhelm von Boddien is a businessman with tractors from Hamburg. In 1992, he founded the Förderverein für den Wiederaufbau des Berliner Schlosses and built a huge replica plane of a Prussian palace in 1: 1 scale in the center of Berlin, which began to change public opinion. In 2002, the Berlin Senate approved the construction of the city palace, although in 2006 60% of respondents wanted the reconstruction of the existing Palace of the Republic, which was standing on the ruins of Prussian Castle. In case the Palace of the Republic was to be demolished, the majority wanted to leave the green area. At the end of my studies, the Humboldt Forum opens and I take part in protests against this most expensive cultural building in Germany. From the yellow window Function of Art in Neoliberal World, behind the tarpaulin, there is a zombie on which is written the text taken from the their website:  “Auf über 42.000m² bietet es Raum für Vielstimmigkeit, Austausch und Diversität”. Walter Smerling is the man behind the idea of Kunsthalle Berlin which will cost 100000 EUR per month and is currently under boykott of the local art scene. “Diversity United”, the first exhibition, sponsored by Daimler and reality estates companies, was also in Moscow under the patronage of Vladimir Putin.

Replica banners from student protests against the Bologna Process in 2009 in Hamburg fall from the orange window Education after Bologna process into the red one Organisation of people organisation of space. The corporate patriarch, Reinhard Mohn, founded the Bertelsmann Foundation in 1977, and in 1994 the Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung, responsible for the reform of education system in the so-called Bologna Process, now shouting into a megaphone at people receiving the lowest income, main motto of the foundation: “Wettbewerb und bürgerschaftlicher Betätigung!”.

The worst paid jobs are always the most important and most difficult, on the contrary the best paid jobs such as Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist, Fondsmanager / -in, (Key) Account-Manager / -in, Versicherungsmathematiker / -in, Vertriebssteuerung / Verkaufsleitung, Wertpapierhändler / -in, Business Developers were born recently, some as indirect tools of neoliberal politics, are filling the top of the blue square ID – education and work – income and expences – life or death.

60,000 illegal care workers in Germany are in the green window Health care for healthy zombies. Frontex subsidies from the European Union flows from the purple square Surveillance and Control: 6 million in 2006, 543 million today. Scattered pinheads map of about 100 armaments companies in Hamburg. The tanker Airbus A330 MRTT used in the Yemen war. The curve of extractivism goes hand in hand with 82 millions of forcibly displaced people. Numbers tripled in my lifetime.

Installation view of Grind&Shine Inc. curated by Cake&Cash collective at Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg, 2021, Credits: Jáno Möckel
Installation view – detail at After the Butcher, Berlin, 2022