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Applicant’s file

Silver metallic marker on textile
Diary entries 15.9.2020 – now
, (14 bodies)

News, messages, numbers, graphs and warnings, forming the overall picture of the day, which disappears in the latest catastrophic report are captured and frozen as some evidence on the growing body that was once mine. The notes of the body development, his newly acquired abilities but also the description of the day filled with patient but tireless care work bump with records from the surrounding world and capture the space, where the child’s body is located. An urgency, exacerbated not only by the birth of a descendant but, above all, by the exceptional situation of a deepening crisis as a result of a pandemic that has exposed devastating dysfunctions in many spheres of society and to which the most vulnerable are paying the most.
The metallic silver text on the red lining rhythmically changes direction: once horizontal – then vertical, it lies and then stands, failing to copy modern architecture and its right angles. Infinity of multiplications recorded by mutants, as Silvia Federici wrote in her book Beyond the Periphery of the Skin, capable for instance, of carrying out our daily lives while aware that catastrophic events are occurring all around us, including of destruction of our ecological environment and the slow death of many people now living on our streets, whom we daily pass by without much of a thought or an emotion. What threatens us are not only that the machines are taking over, but also that we are becoming like machines. Thus we do not need any more robot-like individuals produced by a new breeding industry, this time located in medical labs.

In this installation, diary entries are sewn together to form a tunnel in the centre of which is a rope from my old work clothes. I cut elements from each dress for a new costume copying the US woodlands camouflage. From the first dresses I cut out the logos of the current biggest energy companies (Saudi Arabian Oil Co (EMEA), Petrobras (US), Lukoil (EMEA), Exxon Mobil Corp (US), Gazprom (EMEA), TotalEnegries (EMEA), Equinor (EMEA), Chevron(US), Shell (EMEA), Conoco Phillips (US)) and from the last ones the logos of the current biggest military companies (Lockheed Martin Corp. (US), Raytheon (US), Boeing (US), Northrop Grumman Corp. (US), General Dynamics Corp. (US), BAE Systems (UK), NORINCO (China), AVIC (China), Airbus (Trans-European), CETC and CASC (China).

Photo credit: Lucia Hasbach (nr. 5-11)

Project is supported by Slovak Arts Council