New Mind Mapping Forms

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Thanks to the infamous transformation of the school system under the Bologna Process, I find myself together with my classmates, at a difficult point, trying to study as quick as possible (it was supposed to be two years only), earning tuition fees and increasing rents (100% growth in the last 10 years), in some cases with the deafening ringing of the myth of biological clock, as the study of art, many of us realised at a later age. The diary entry from 19 October 2017 to 9 February 2018, was created in the last period of my studies at the art school at the Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin by linking urgent everyday life with the last task, namely to create a final theoretical and practical work. It captures not only a student, but also a full-time employee and a woman, in a carousel of medical trials and mistakes reflecting everyday reality by reading recommended literature and her own research in biology, sociology, political science and economics.